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AI Supply Chain 2023

Transformation DigitizationOptimization

August 22-24th, 2023
Dallas, TX

While supply chains are the backbone of manufacturing operations, COVID-19 has highlighted the issues that plague supply chains, including demand forecasting, flexibility and optimization. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are essential tools in digital transformation, from preventing disruptions and downtime to improving inventory management and quality of services. 

If you are a supply chain manager for a food and beverage manufacturer, learn to integrate AI algorithms to forecast orders delivery/departures, so employees can implement smart pellet placement and improve efficiency.


If you are a supply chain manager for customized beauty products, discover how AI and machine learning can analyze production times and logistics to make accurate timelines for product arrivals and increase customer satisfaction.


If you are a supply chain manager for an auto manufacturer, discover how machine learning integrated throughout your company can keep track of parts and products, reducing inventory and waste, while improving product delivery.


Join supply chain professionals at AI Supply Chain 2023 and learn how to optimize the supply chain ecosystem with case studies from industry thought leaders and how to get beyond ‘proof of concept’ to full supply chain digitization.

The live-streamed video presentations will provide in-depth discussions with interactive Q&A sessions. The feature-rich virtual exhibit hall will highlight the latest products and services entering the market. The Network Lounge lets attendees see and chat with each other throughout the event.

Providing Case Studies & Integration Strategies

  • Resiliency to Disruptions and Downtime

  • Blockchain Integration

  • Inventory Management

  • Intelligent Transparency & Visibility

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Improve Quality of Service, Customer Satisfaction

  • Real-Time Data and Tracking

  • Robotics

  • Scale Up and Grow Capabilities

  • Develop an AI Culture in Your Workforce

Past Speakers

Patrick Lemoine-7169

Patrick Lemoine • o9 Solutions


Galen Smith • IBM

Keith Chambers

Keith Chambers • AVEVA


Thomas Ward • IBM


Gayle Brim • Grant Thornton


Dr. Torsten Becker • BESTgroup Consulting

Fergal Glynn

Fergal Glynn • 6 River Systems


S. Aaron McClendon • Aimpoint Digital

Matt Tichon

Matt Tichon • Coupa

Lior Elazary

Lior Elazary • inVia Robotics


Jonathan Eaton • Grant Thornton


Manju Devadas • Pluto7

Past Sponsors


Past Attendees from the AI Manufacturing
Conference Series


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