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Automate or Fall Behind: Why Warehouses are Turning to Collaborative Robots to Handle Spikes in Demand

Fergal Glynn, VP Marketing • 6 River Systems

Warehouses today are under higher pressure than ever before. Customer expectations for speedy and accurate deliveries have been heightened, and the high order demand has forced warehouse technologies to advance 5-10 years into the future within a matter of months. As a larger focus is put on e-commerce, BOPIS and BOPAC in the “new normal,” leaders are finding that their traditional warehouse models are not equipped to handle such large volume. Warehouses that were previously reluctant to implement technology must now embrace change or risk falling behind their competitors. In this presentation, Fergal Glynn, VP Marketing, 6 River Systems (6RS), will discuss how implementing flexible automation, such as collaborative mobile robots, into fulfillment centers has helped their customers ease the physical labor put on associates, increase picking accuracy and improve the entire customer experience.


Key takeaways:

• How automating with collaborative mobile robots allows associates to work smarter.

• How AI and machine learning optimizes pick routes, minimizes long walks and helps associates stay on task and increase efficiency.

• The benefits and flexibility that collaborative robotic solutions offer during peak seasons and the quick turnaround to achieve ROI.


Fergal Glynn is VP of Marketing at 6 River Systems, Inc. (6RS) where he is responsible for demand generation and branding. Before 6 River Systems, Fergal was a member of the leadership teams at Docurated (acquired by Quark Software), Veracode (acquired by CA), and BlueNote Networks (acquired by Aspect Software). Earlier in his career, Fergal was a C++ programmer at Fidelity Investments and Oracle. Fergal holds a B.Eng in Computer Engineering from the University of Limerick in Ireland and an MBA from Babson College.

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