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Value Chain Optimization for Manufacturing: Driving Business Results in the New Normal
Keith Chambers, Vice President of Operations Management Software • AVEVA

Manufacturers are facing unprecedented and uncertain markets conditions, which are significantly impacting business results, growth and profitability. Challenges of agility, sustainability, quality and productivity have all been amplified by COVID 19 and are driving unprecedented interest in digital transformation of the supply chain and manufacturing, but to gain the maximum benefit from the “digital” investment requires an end to end understanding of where value leaks are occurring and how to eliminate them.  Value Chain Optimization is about optimizing the operation of your manufacturing plants to eliminate value leaks and maximize business outcomes. It requires a smart approach to creating supply chain plans, that don’t treat manufacturing plants as black boxes, but are based on actual conditions in those plants, providing up to the minute visibility into plan execution. Within the plant traditional approaches to efficiency need to be accelerated using AI to adapt to this more dynamic way of working. This session will discuss the manufacturing value chain, and how digitalization and AI can drive optimizations which unlock the next big step change in revenue growth, and cost saving for manufacturers.

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