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Ten Hurdles While Implementing Digital Supply Chains

Dr. Torsten Becker, Managing Director • BESTgroup Consulting GmbH


Many supply chain experts discuss the needs for a digitization. Block chain, AI and machine learning are key topics in the discussion. But there are many hurdles to implement digital supply chains in companies. Based on the experience of many digital supply chain projects, ten hurdles are identified, that a company needs to overcome, from very basic misunderstandings to large implementation failures. If you want to avoid key issues in your digital supply chain projects, a lot of hands-on advice will be given.



Torsten Becker is a mechanical engineer turned to operation management consultant. He has worked as a consultant in supply chain projects for over 25 years and has published a book on process improvements in supply chain and production. During the years, he has implemented many digital supply chain improvements with a focus on achieving lasting, measurable results in several countries including the US, Africa, Asia and Europe. 


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