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The Digital Supply Chain Twin: An Imperative for Supply Chain Resiliency & Relevancy Powered by AI
Matt Tichon, Vice President of Industry Strategy • Coupa

The digital supply chain twin is one of Gartner’s top 8 supply chain technology trends for 2020. That momentum carries forward in 2021, mainly due to the growing interconnected supply chain dependencies and the realization of supply chain fragility highlighted by the outbreak of COIVD-19. In the decades leading up to the present day, companies spent untold billions of dollars implementing ERP and supply chain planning systems to support growth and enforce standard operating procedures such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and to optimize the plan-to-produce processes.

ERP’s and optimization solutions were not designed with the degrees of freedom necessary to handle sudden demand and supply shocks caused by external forces such as natural disasters, global pandemics, nor are they adept at evaluating the impact of rapidly changing customer channel preferences. 

The digital supply chain twin allows you to leverage your enterprise’s supply chain data to build a “farm to fork” digital twin of your supply chain to test the various impacts that changes in your supply chain will create. Learn how applied artificial intelligence is changing the game when it comes to building resilient and agile supply chains in the continually changing business environment.

Matt Tichon is the Vice President of Industry Strategy at Coupa, where he helps customers and prospects overcome various supply chain strategy, forecasting, planning, and design challenges.  Matt started his career as a supply chain network design consultant before moving into software and industry roles.  Before working at LLamasoft, Matt held senior supply chain positions at Oracle, Clariant Corporation, and Arby’s. He has more than 23 years of experience in manufacturing, consulting, and technology and demonstrates repeated successes leading supply chain transformation.

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