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Supply Chain Risk Management & Advanced Analytics
Gayle Brim, Managing Director
- Advisory Transformation • Grant Thornton

Jonathan Eaton, Principal - National Supply Chain Practice Leader • Grant Thornton


Supply Chain risk management has become more important than ever for many companies.  As the inefficiencies and lack of resiliency within the supply chains were exposed by COVID-19, supply chain risk management was thrust to the forefront of C-Suite discussions on maintaining business continuity to protect various stakeholders including shareholders, the brand, and customers. Unfortunately, even the best supply chain risk management protocols and business continuity plans are woefully ineffective without the use of sophisticated technology.  Effective supply chain risk management requires visibility into all of the possible risk factors that can cause disruption, e.g. third party supplier risk, lost capacity, labor disruptions, geopolitical or economic issues, unexpected changes in regulations and forced compliance, conflicts, black swan events, etc. The challenge comes with considering the many permutations of risk and utilizing the proper quantitative tools and technology to rate each risk factor and determine the mitigating actions to take. Advanced analytics can help identify, evaluate and confirm trends and impact.  This session provides insight into the best practices, required technologies and governance model for successful supply chain risk management.

Gayle Brim specializes in helping clients plan for, select, design, implement and support their business processes and corresponding Enterprise Solutions including: ERP/Finance, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and BI/Analytics. Gayle has over 30 years of experience leading, overseeing and performing quality assurance for programs ranging from strategies and transformations to design, implementation and support projects.  Gayle has led efforts from start ups and acquisitions to global expansion and/or system replacement. Gayle’s industry experience includes many projects in the manufacturing, distribution and retail industries, healthcare, Life Science and insurance and Financial Services.

Jonathan Eaton is the practice leader for our National Supply Chain practice. With over 26 years of supply chain experience, Jonathan has spent the majority of his career in consulting advising large multinational companies and middle market companies across multiple industry sectors on how to best transform their supply chains. Jonathan is recognized for his ability to help clients define supply chain strategy in response to changing market conditions and other disruptive forces and subsequently helping them transform their supply chains to provide higher customer satisfaction while balancing inventory and service commitments and minimizing their total supply chain costs. Jonathan has a passion for helping his clients reduce costs and improve working capital efficiency through turnarounds and transformation driven initiatives that deliver near term savings to fund high priority supply chain innovation.

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