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The Importance of Using Intelligence to Ensure Logistics Flow

Lior Elazary, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer • inVia Robotics

When manufacturers implement automation into their operations, they usually start by automating one distinct task, like materials retrieval. The benefits of automating rote movements with ML are substantial. The velocity machines are able to achieve far surpasses that of people, who require breaks and unforeseen work interruptions. It also introduces a level of accuracy that can only be achieved with machine precision. Productivity and accuracy are two pervasive problems that need to be solved across warehouses.


Another level of efficiency can be achieved when AI-driven automation is applied more broadly across a manufacturer’s operations. Applying intelligence between interconnected tasks ensures a state of flow that delivers results orders of magnitude greater than when applied to individual tasks alone. A new class of software now becoming prevalent in warehouses orchestrates the flow of people and material in a way that reduces idle time that naturally builds up between dependencies. Warehouse Execution System (WES) software continuously assesses the utilization of resources and uses ML to intelligently reallocate them to eliminate gaps in the workplan. As the on-demand economy creates greater pressures in the speed and accuracy of supply chains, using intelligent software to ensure logistics flow will be critical.

Lior Elazary has more than 20 years of experience as an executive in internet networking, robotics, software development, and enterprise architecture businesses. He has led and directed diverse teams developing everything from back-office systems to core enterprise technologies. In addition, he has a proven track record of scaling technology companies. He most recently co-founded and later sold EdgeCast, a content delivery platform, with enterprise customers such as Twitter and YouTube.

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