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Strategic Innovation: The Digital Backbone of Smart Supply Chain
Manju Devadas, Founder and CEO • Pluto7

Never before has the supply chain been at the top of companies' priority list. Regardless of industry, supply chain leaders have enabled key technologies such as Digital Twins and AI to drive strategic innovation. Leveraging the power of these technologies represents an incredible opportunity to reduce supply chain costs, drive revenue, address sustainability. Pluto7's session will cover the strategy and solutions top manufacturers, retailers, and energy companies are enabling to accelerate their supply chain transformation. 

Manju is the founder and CEO of Pluto7 which won the 2019 Specialization Partner of the Year award for data and analytics. He has spearheaded creating systems for predictive analytics for over 17+ years. His experience ranges from leading organizations, being a business architect for a number of companies, to building cloud solutions that transform businesses. Manju has been in over 300+ Cloud ML and AI customer interactions with global enterprises, including Cisco, Vmware, Synaptics, AB Inbev, Hero Motors, Schlumberger and many more.

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