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Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
9:00 am CST  

Ten Hurdles While Implementing Digital Supply Chains

Dr. Torsten Becker, Managing Director • BESTgroup Consulting GmbH

Many supply chain experts discuss the needs for a digitization. Block chain, AI and machine learning are key topics in the discussion. But there are many hurdles to implement digital supply chains in companies. Based on the experience of many digital supply chain more

9:30 am CST

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning in Demand Forecasting 
S. Aaron McClendon, Applied Analytical Sciences Practice Lead • Aimpoint Digital

Artificial intelligence is uprooting the way that we commonly deal with demand planning and forecasting. The impact of Covid-19 on business operations drove this point home to many businesses, as many were unprepared to deal with rapidly changing behavior more

10:00 am CST
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10:30 am CST

AI in Supply Chain: Lessons from Companies Using a ‘Digital Brain’
Patrick Lemoine, Vice President, Industries • o9 Solutions

This decade is all about data-centricity and automation in the enterprise world. Companies seeing the potential of both are wondering what optimizations can be made to their supply chains and how best to separate hype from reality when it comes to more...

11:15 am CST

Value Chain Optimization for Manufacturing: Driving Business Results in the New Normal
Keith Chambers, Vice President of Operations Management Software • AVEVA

Manufacturers are facing unprecedented and uncertain markets conditions, which are significantly impacting business results, growth and profitability. Challenges of agility, sustainability, quality and productivity have all been amplified by COVID 19 and are driving more

11:45 am CST

Supply Chain Risk Management & Advanced Analytics
Gayle Brim, Managing Director - Advisory Transformation • Grant Thorton

Jonathan Eaton, Principal - National Supply Chain Practice Leader • Grant Thorton

Supply Chain risk management has become more important than ever for many companies.  As the inefficiencies and lack of resiliency within the supply chains were exposed by COVID-19, supply chain risk management was thrust to the forefront of C-Suite more

12:15 pm CST

The Digital Supply Chain Twin: An Imperative for Supply Chain Resiliency & Relevancy Powered by AI
Matt Tichon, Vice President of Industry Strategy • Coupa

The digital supply chain twin is one of Gartner’s top 8 supply chain technology trends for 2020. That momentum carries forward in 2021, mainly due to the growing interconnected supply chain dependencies and the realization of supply chain more

1:00 pm CST

Double Trouble: Hurricanes or Wildfires and COVID-19: Identify Risks and Maintain Global Supply Chain Resiliency
Thomas Ward, AI Project Leader • IBM
Galen Smith, Chief PO for IBM Supply Chain Blockchain • IBM

During the COVID outbreak, how do global supply chain leaders know when to take costly risk mitigating actions to recover from the pandemic or the impact of a natural event like a hurricane or wildfire and when can they take caution, but no action? more

1:30 pm CST

The Importance of Using Intelligence to Ensure Logistics Flow

Lior Elazary, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer • inVia Robotics

When manufacturers implement automation into their operations, they usually start by automating one distinct task, like materials retrieval. The benefits of automating rote movements with ML are substantial. The velocity machines are able to achieve far more

2:00 pm CST

Automate or Fall Behind: Why Warehouses are Turning to Collaborative Robots to Handle Spikes in Demand

Fergal Glynn, VP Marketing •  6 River Systems

Warehouses today are under higher pressure than ever before. Customer expectations for speedy and accurate deliveries have been heightened, and the high order demand has forced warehouse technologies to advance 5-10 years into the future within a more

2:30 pm CST

Strategic Innovation: The Digital Backbone of Smart Supply Chain
Manju Devadas, Founder and CEO • Pluto7

Never before has the supply chain been at the top of companies' priority list. Regardless of industry, supply chain leaders have enabled key technologies such as Digital Twins and AI to drive strategic innovation. Leveraging the power more

3:00 pm CST
Conference Conclusion
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